Stella and Navys puppies

Stella o Navy has received seven very  nice shapely puppies. Five girls and two boys. All are as we can see it right now correct. We are incredibly grateful for this outcome and hope that it will continue as it started. Here is a statistics of each puppy:

Color               Weight          Ridge             Tail                          DS
Miss Rosa       494 gr           Correct             Correct                    No
Miss Red         544 gr           Correct             Correct                    No
Mr Black          535 gr           Correct             Correct                    No
Miss Yellow     455 gr           Correct             Correct                    No
Mr. Green        480 gr           Slightly offset   Correct                    No
Miss Lilac         560 gr          Correct             Correct                    No
Frföken Blue    460 gr           Correct             Correct                    No

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