Namn: RLD N, RLDN F,
Incalines Beyla 

Born: 2012-08-17

Weight: 8,7 kg

Height: 34 cm

Hips: HD B

Showresults: BOB at the show in Eslöv last september. 
Bloodtracking: Swedish bloodtrackingchampion

Completed courses:

Puppy, rallyobediance

Ägare: Eva Linnér

Beyla is our second DSG bitch in the family. She is a happy and lovely girl who often wants to come and cuddle. When we are out walking, she is almost always loose and are not being too far away from us. She will come as a skyrocket when summoning and always happy. She is very social and gets very excited when someone comes to visit. It made no difference whether it is someone she knows or not. She is safe and easy to carry in any context.