Name: Ghali Excellent Misty "Esther"

Born: 2011-04-11

Weight: 42 kg

Height: 69 cm

Hips: HD A

Elbows: ED 0


Bloodtrackingresult: Approved aptitudetest, one 1:a price in openclass


Completed courses: Puppy and general obediance


Owner: Eva Linnér

Esther is our third RR. She is a cool, confident and forward-girl who did not seem to think that there is something particularly outrageous or strange. Running free in the woods and check out the situation feels absolutely wonderful. It is always her we must stand and wait for. When she is resting and lounging inside she allways would like to lie under the covers and then "crying", she likes us to come and fix the blanket :) Esther is the one who takes on the role of playing when there are puppies in the house.