Name: Korpens Marta Da Silva

Born: 2007-12-02

Weight: 8.2 kg

Height: 32 cm

Hips: HD Grad B

Mother of Kennel Wenzakes A- och B-kull

Bloodtrackingresult: Approved aptitude test

Completed courses: Puppy, general obediance, bloodtracking, practical tracking wild game

Owner: Anna Linnér


Marta is our little Danish/swedish Farmdog-mascot. A delightful, uncomplicated, happy and gentle girl. She is always gracious and open to anyone who gets in her way both dog or a person. She never shows any anger or fear. She is so confident in herself there is nothing that worries her. Always keen to keep up with the various activities. On the couch, she puts herself among or on the other girls. But when evening comes she always take place in my bed under the covers. She is a true friend and friend to count on.