Name: SEVCH Zaxxon's Fefferoni Fixxa "Stella"

Born: 2010-05-10

Weight: 37 kg

Height: 64 cm

Hips: HD grad A

Elbows: ED ua (0)

Teeth: Correct scissorbite, all teeth present.
Showresult: Excellent
Trackresult: SEVCH, Swedish Bloodtrack 
Gunshot proof
Completed courses: Puppy, general obediance
Owner: Staffan Linnér.


Stella is our second RR-bitch. As a puppy, she discovered the world with more caution instead of running first and think afterwards, she checked out the situation first with great curiosity. She is a soft and tender girl who likes to play. If she has no friends who wants to play she plays just as well herself with balls and rags etc. She socialize with other dogs, both known and new acquaintances. Stella thinks it's fun to work but certainly she is also an RR who sometimes lose concentration and think you can play with the other dogs instead of walk nicely on a leash and watch daddy's eyes. She finds it easy to learn. She is a girl who allways keep up and are around us. She has no need to run away herself on her own adventure. She is a very intelligent and smart girl who solves problems. For example it did not take long before she realized that she could walk around the house and come down a different path to the front door when the door was closed from the kitchen. When evening comes, she is happy on the sofa with us and cuddles alot.