Stella & Navy are expecting puppies in December. Delivery during February/March 2016.
If you are interested please feel free to contact us!

Stella & Navy
We are so excited to announce that Stella & Navy is expecting puppies. We think this is a very exciting combination with bloodlines from both Africa and Australia. Navy is imported from Australia and came to Sweden as a puppy in 2004. Stella is Swedish-born but have ancestors from Africa. The choice fell to Navy for his charisma, his beautiful head and nice proportions. He is also a cool and confident guy who excites himself unnecessarily.

Stella is rewarded with Excellent in dog shows. She has a wonderful exterior, well-muscled, smooth and delicate approach with a strong topline. She is Swedish trackchampion. She always work calmly and methodically. Stella is a smart and lovely girl who always want to keep up and is keen on playing and always wants to please us. She's never any trouble to socialize with other dogs. She has a large dose of humor and like to joke it up a little. She is a typical RR, curious and want to be there when we get visitors. Are there people she does not know, she would like to greet them welcome and then just to lay close.

She has a great pedigree with roots from Africa. Dad to Stella is Ökensandens Poma Von yesekani and he has his roots from Africa. Pomas father is Multi BISS ZACH Nyaka Yesekani of Cartouche "Sekani". Sekanis father ZACH YIKES Kimani's Heir To The Throne exported to South Africa from the United States after he became Champion in the USA. He mated there with Sekanis mother ZACH Cartouche unyana with blood lines back from the original RR from the known kennels cartouche, Shangara and Mushana. Mom to Stella is SUCh Zaxxon's Cool Queen Chelzie who are after SUCH Zaxxon's Queen Akilah & FI CH, INT & NORD UCH, KBH V-09, LPI, SE VCH, WW-08 Emoyeni's Grand Zuberi 'Lex'.

Rijstone Aussie Rules "Navy"
Maria Kierkegaard, who is the owner of Navy describes him like this:
"Navy is imported from Australia, kennel Rijstone. He landed on Swedish ground in 2004 on Midsummer Day! A tall, lanky puppy with dark eyes and big ears. Oh how happy he was when he came out of the cage! Super positive!
I will never forget when he jumped up in our bed for the first time and laid down ....
Navy grew up to be a tall, elegant male with very good proportions. His head and expression has caught many people's attention through the years. Calm and cool temperament and loves to be cuddled, but under the surface there is a large measure of tenacity and determination :) Favorite activity is to track, but also exhibition can be fun ... provided that there are females around, and that he may taste goodies all around the ring as he awaits his turn.
Navy usually ranked in exhibitions because of his balance and proportions and beautiful head. The best memory is the Best In Show at the Swedish Ridgeback Specialty Show in 2006!"
Navy is the father of six litters in Sweden, Germany and France, with offspring with good breedingresults.
Stella & Navy
Stella & Navy are two nice dogs with a wonderful temperament. Both are well-built and well-muscled. Now we hope for a bunch of puppies in late December with the delivery during February/March next year with the same lovely temperament as Stella & Navy. If you are interested please feel free to contact us!