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Today the puppies are 4 weeks old . We tried to set them on the table for the first time. It was predominantly good. We have also named the puppies. Their registered name appears on each photo. Click on the pictures for larger size.

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Now we have snow in Sweden. We have about 15 cm powder snow in Slättåkra . Yesterday when the sun was shining we decided to run in the snow with the dogs. It was Esther, Beyla and Dior who fooled around in the snow. Stella got to be home with her ​​puppies.

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We have now opened up the whelping box so the pups can discover the world a little more. Much has happened in recent days. The puppies are aware of each other and examine everything in the whelping box . They move around more easily. Today, they have tasted the minced beef for the first time. Everyone ate with gusto. The rest of the gang are very eager to meet the puppies but have had to put up through the grate so far. We do not want to rush Stella with pups meeting the rest of the gang. In time, they will be spending time with the puppies.

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Today the puppies are two weeks old. It happens a lot now. The eyes have started to open up and they creep around in the litter box. Some of the puppies have also begun to take a few tentative steps. They move around fast in the whelping box now. They are growing and everyone seems to be doing very well. They now weigh about 1.5 kg.
Today was also the first day that Stella wanted to join us on a trip into the woods again.
Today, we have taken the first individual images. Click on image for larger size.


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Yesterday was a great day with sunshine and minus 5 degrees celsius. It was the first time in this winter when it felt nice and healthy to be outside. We took Beyla and Dior down to the beach in Ugglarp to get some beautiful pictures of the sunset light.

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Time really flies when there are puppies in the house. They are  already nine days old. All are doing very well and growing as they should. Stella wants for short periods and increasingly participate in family life again. She does not want to leave the pups to take a short walk from the farm yet. Here are some photos from day 7-9.

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Stella and Navy puppies are ready to move to their new families february 20. For more information!

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